Mini blog series- The Curious Role of a Scrum Master – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Scrum master - the Proxy for Whom?

Recap of Chapter 1: The Scrum master is a superhero and only he/she can save the ‘waterfalled’ world.

Chapter 2: Scrum master – the Proxy for Whom?

So, who is a Scrum Master? Is he/she an Agile Project Manager. Is he/she the only one authorized to bring changes? Is he/she the impediment resolver?

Let’s rewind the timeline. In the classical world (suffering at the hands of long waterfalls); the DEVs did the actual work [sic]; QAs catch the bugs [sic], Business analyst analyze the requirements of the whole project [sic] and the Project manager manages the people, budget, risk, scope, et al [sic].

So, once we introduce the role of a Scrum master; what do the people (clients, management, teams, et al) expect from this role?

This is a part of a mini-blog series ‘The Curious Role of a Scrum Master’. Let’s see what happens in the 3rd Chapter.

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