The Curious Role of a Scrum Master

Chapter 1: Introduction Every organization wants to move towards the 'Agile ways of working' as Agile is 'in' these days. This move is often clouded with unrealistic expectations of 'Agile' and that specifically the expectations of 'their interpretations of agile'. As Scrum is the most commonly used flavor of...



Scrum master – the Talk Show? Mini blog series- The Curious Role of a Scrum Master - Chapter 4:

Recap of Chapter 3:  The Scrum Master is not the magical Impediment resolver. Chapter 4: Scrum master – the Talk Show? A few of the scrum masters tend to fall into the speaking trap. Let’s turn the wheel anticlockwise. Communication is often confused with speaking. Speaking is an integral part of communication. However, it is not the only part. Listening should be pulled...



Mini blog series- The Curious Role of a Scrum Master – Chapter 3

Recap of Chapter 2: The expectations for the role of a Scrum master is quite different from different stakeholders Chapter 3: Scrum master – the Impediment Resolver? Many believe:  the scrum master has joined the team so the life will be cakewalk! There will be no issues as the scrum master will resolve the impediments of the teams; without needing any support from any team...




Rajneesh Kumar

"No matter how experienced we are in this industry but basic ideology remains same for teams, we may need to apply techniques which are not decipherable. Worth experimenting news ways while dealing with monotonous issues. New tips and fresh perspective about retrospectives, Innovative Agile Training helped me in finding new ways to achieve results while dealing with typical mindset of agile teams."

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